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March's meet was at Denny's in Puyallup for an after the "Almost Spring" Swap meet at the Fairgrounds. It was dark and rainy, so, for better or worse, I have more pictures of US than the cars!

(Click on any of the photos to enlarge them!)

Warren Metzger's 1953 and Dave Keister's 1937 Super Terraplane displayed at the Swap Meet:

Warren 53 puyallup.jpg (91640 bytes)  Dave's 1937 T-Plane front view.jpg (111021 bytes)

Cars at the meet:

Cote's 54 Puyallup.jpg (75810 bytes)  at dennys.jpg (96819 bytes)  HET in puyallup.jpg (86828 bytes)

People at the meet:

Officers.jpg (75718 bytes)  DR.jpg (60765 bytes)  oldguysrule.jpg (83173 bytes)

dennys2.jpg (65742 bytes)  RM.jpg (51281 bytes)  Harmon.jpg (70199 bytes)

DK at Den.jpg (69111 bytes)  talking at Dennys.jpg (81823 bytes)  Helen and HH.jpg (55543 bytes)



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