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Aberdeen, WA was the location for the July 22nd, 2006 meeting of the NW chapter.  We attended the Orphan Car Show, and had 7 Hudsons in attendance.  It was a very beautiful, but very hot (mid 90's) day.  

Daphne Dike had her '51 Pacemaker Convertible, Dave Keister drove his '39 Railton, Roy Mendenhall came with his '52 Hornet, Jeremy Simmons came in his '53 Hornet, Pete and Steve Welzbacker came down in a '40 Hudson Coupe, Fred Connors was in his '49 Super Six, and Mary Jane and Ken Hall came in their '54 Hornet Convertible (which won the "People's Choice" trophy!).  We were able to enjoy the Art Walk, local stores, live music, and, of course, the kicking of tires and talking story.

A fun day in Aberdeen, and we thank Clyde Brown and company for putting it all together!


(Click on any picture below to enlarge!)

DSCN4450.JPG (54449 bytes)

Daphne's '51 Pacemaker Convertible

DSCN4455.JPG (50153 bytes)  DSCN4529.JPG (45866 bytes)

Roy's '52 Hornet

DSCN4469.JPG (35195 bytes)

Fred's '49 Super Six

DSCN4474.JPG (59646 bytes)  DSCN4533.JPG (45302 bytes)  DSCN4524.JPG (46628 bytes)

Mary Jane and Ken's '54 Hornet Convertible

DSCN4463.JPG (45655 bytes)

Welzbacker's '40 Hudson Coupe

DSCN4457.JPG (49744 bytes)  DSCN4461.JPG (26861 bytes)

Jeremy's '53 Hornet

  DSCN4495.JPG (48744 bytes)  

Dave's '39 Railton

DSCN4514.JPG (49494 bytes)

Dave and Pete

DSCN4522.JPG (25982 bytes)

Mary Jane and Ken


DSCN4520.JPG (49162 bytes)



DSCN4515.JPG (46097 bytes)  DSCN4516.JPG (41615 bytes)

Enjoying the Shade


Other Orphans at the Show:

At the show were a '47 Frazer, '58 Nash Metropolitan, '52 Henry J Vagabond, '41 Graham Hollywood (Supercharged), '57 Nash Metropolitan Convertible, '58 Nash Metropolitan Convertible, '57 Nash Metropolitan Hardtop, '59 Nash Metropolitan Pickup (modified), '63 Studebaker Lark, '56 Packard Caribbean Convertible, '56 Packard Clipper Super, '50 MG Y series, '51 Plymouth Cranbrook, '61 Corvair Lakewood, and a '35 Ford being raffled off to raise funds for the Race for the Cure.  ($20/ticket--e-mail me if you want the contact info to buy a ticket!)

DSCN4465.JPG (46179 bytes)  DSCN4504.JPG (55437 bytes)  DSCN4479.JPG (53221 bytes)  DSCN4476.JPG (55657 bytes)

DSCN4482.JPG (50241 bytes)  DSCN4487.JPG (52703 bytes)  DSCN4499.JPG (40352 bytes)  DSCN4507.JPG (45399 bytes)

DSCN4509.JPG (53953 bytes)  DSCN4511.JPG (52193 bytes)  DSCN4513.JPG (54244 bytes)  DSCN4537.JPG (49875 bytes)

DSCN4496.JPG (45677 bytes)  DSCN4502.JPG (48103 bytes)


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