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February 2007  Chehalis

Thanks to Mike Mittge for arranging the February 2007 meet in Chehalis at the Veteran's Museum.  The museum was well worth the visit.  Afterwards we drove to the Kit Carson restaurant for lunch and a business meeting.  We had 17 folks make the journey:  Lou Cote, Fred Connors, Dave & Jerry Keister, Steve Welzbacker, Rob Fayette, Ken & Mary Jane Hall, Charlie Schmidt, Mike Mittge, Jim Harmon, Dick & Phyllis Riggs, Glenn & Louise Wilson, and Ted and Betty Jean Feenstra

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The Lineup:

DSCN6175.JPG (51177 bytes)  DSCN6185.JPG (46591 bytes)


Lou Cote's '54 Hornet Coupe

DSCN6179.JPG (66774 bytes)  DSCN6191.JPG (65635 bytes)


Steve Welzbacker's '47 Pickup

DSCN6183.JPG (65266 bytes)  DSCN6187.JPG (60565 bytes)


Dave Keister's '54 Hornet Convertible

DSCN6193.JPG (52343 bytes)  DSCN6209.JPG (95932 bytes)


Rob Fayette's '53 Hornet

DSCN6181.JPG (62325 bytes)  DSCN6189.JPG (54772 bytes)


Fred Connor's '49 Super Six

DSCN6180.JPG (66429 bytes)  DSCN6190.JPG (57642 bytes)


Charlie Schmidt's '51 Hornet

 DSCN6178.JPG (72235 bytes)  DSCN6192.JPG (70861 bytes)


Mary Jane and Kenny Hall's '54 Convertible

DSCN6182.JPG (66696 bytes)  DSCN6188.JPG (65692 bytes)    


At the Kit Carson:

                                     DSCN6211.JPG (59768 bytes)                                    DSCN6212.JPG (54660 bytes)                                 DSCN6213.JPG (71956 bytes) 

Dick Riggs & Dave Keister       Ted Feenstra & Phyllis Riggs     Mary Jane Hall and Rob Fayette


          DSCN6214.JPG (64926 bytes)                                                                               DSCN6215.JPG (65186 bytes)   

Jim Harmon, Charlie Schmidt, & Fred Connors                                Mike Mittge & Kenny Hall


 DSCN6216.JPG (65895 bytes)                                              DSCN6217.JPG (68686 bytes)                        

Glenn & Louise WIlson    Ted & Lou holding up a quilt Betty Jean Feenstra made


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