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Lou arranged a meet up at the Future of Flight museum in Everett, WA.  By all reports, it was a very interesting museum looking at the history and future of Boeing aircraft.

  Lou Cote's and my 54 Hornets.JPG (47550 bytes)  Forkners_and_Fayettes_and_Unknown_Oregon_Hudsons.JPG (30957 bytes)  1951_Hornet_from_Oregon.JPG (48119 bytes)  My_54.JPG (53066 bytes)

My_54_with_cars_eyeballs.JPG (52302 bytes)  Pan_Am_707_fuselage_section_from_N885PA.JPG (33677 bytes)  Rob_Fayettes_53_Hornet_and_John_Forkners_50_Pacemaker_Brougham.JPG (45925 bytes)

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