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There were 3 Hudson products at the Fircrest, WA Car Show in July of 2006.  Jerry Keister's '41 Pickup, Dave Keister's '39 Railton, and Bob Granstrom's beautiful '46 Coupe (hopefully he will be re-joining the NW Chapter soon!)  There were more people talking to us about the Hudsons than most of the other 300+ cars at the show.  Lots of comments about how nice it was to see Hudsons at the show.  

Pickup1.JPG (74342 bytes)  Pickup2.JPG (80352 bytes)

Railton6.JPG (91597 bytes)  Railton7.JPG (66849 bytes)  Railton8.JPG (72878 bytes)

46_Coupe.JPG (77419 bytes)  46_Coupe2.JPG (76204 bytes)  46_Coupe_3.JPG (75804 bytes)

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